Gulf Journalists: The West’s Current Paralysis Vis-à-vis Iran Parallels Its Inability To Deal With Nazi Germany Prior To WWII

In his March 19, 2015 column in the Saudi Al-Jazirah daily, Dr. Hamza Al-Salem compared the “Iran of the ayatollahs” to Nazi Germany, and warned that the Nazis’ secret military buildup prior to World War II could be repeated in much the same way by Iran.

Al-Salem noted that in the 1930s, the Allies focused on rebuilding their economies following World War I, and chose to disregard the Nazi regime’s military buildup – even after the latter invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia – and thus enabled it to occupy all of Europe. He wrote that Iran is now secretly developing destructive technology, just as the Nazis had, and went on to warn that it could deceive and distract the world. He also compared the inaction and apparent paralysis of the Obama administration in this situation to that of the Allies prior to World War II.

Ahmad Al-Jarallah, editor of the English-language Kuwaiti newspaper Arab Times, compared the nuclear deal with Iran to the Munich Agreement signed with Hitler in 1938. He wrote that, just like Nazi Germany, Iran is managing to swindle the world and obtain a deal on its own terms. The only question that remains, he said, is which Arab country will take the place of Austria or Poland and be the first country to succumb to Iran’s expansionist ambitions.

The following are excerpts from the two articles:

Dr. Hamza Al-Salem: Resentment and Murderousness – Qualities Nazi Germany And Iran Have In Common

Dr. Hamza Al-Salem wrote: “After losing some two million men, the German Empire lost the war it had launched and conceded defeat to the Allies in World War I. Because of the death of U.S. president [sic.], the American leadership was absent from the post-war accords, and the allies divvied up Germany and took away areas that belonged to it. They also burdened Germany with the cost of the war, but later settled for an economic siege [on it] to prevent it from being able to spark conflict and launch wars. The Allies were euphoric after playing a tune of victory, thus distracting themselves from the pain left by the war. The wounded Germany had not a moment of calm or comfort, and neither supporters nor allies, and it bent under the burden. It was paralyzed by the economic siege, and in its death throes.

“Then came the Great Depression. American and European banks quickly withdrew their funds from Germany, thus pouring salt in Germany’s wounds and causing them to fester. As a result, the vilest of Germany’s sons rose to power.

“Even if the Iran of the ayatollahs is not the same as Nazi Germany, the essence of the two evils is. The qualities of resentment, hatefulness, and murderousness are shared by them both, and there are similarities too in their isolation and in the oversight [imposed on them], as well as in their secrecy and deception.

“Though the craft of military killing has changed substantially [over the years], technologically speaking, Iran, under the false embargo, is just as capable as the Germans of creating [means of] destruction and killing and hiding them under the turbans of the ayatollahs, and [these means] are no less lethal, deadly, evil, and powerful [than those produced by the Germans].

“If [WWI] did not prevent Nazi Germany from violating its commitments and did not deter it from betraying its ally Russia, then we should not expect anything from the ayatollahs of Iran other than betrayal at any opportunity.”

The Real Fear Is The Technology Of Death And Destruction That The Iranians Produce In Secret

“The real fear is of what [the Iranians] are hiding on their land – that is the production of technology for killing, corrupting, and destroying, which is easy to hide and can cause widespread damage. The ayatollahs themselves yearn for the day of blood and killing, since evil is the essence of the ayatollahs’ being, and they emerge from it and return to it.

“When Hitler invaded Austria and the unthinkable happened, the weakness of Europe’s armies and its focus on the economy paralyzed it, which is why it was remiss in helping [Austria]. Europe justified its negligence by saying: This is the [German] nation restoring its own land. Later Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, and then Europe said: This is the revenge of the [German] nation. After that, Hitler conquered all of Europe.

“[Similarly], what currently paralyzes Obama in [dealing with] Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, and ISIS is his promise to his people [that] if they reelected him president he would extract them from the quagmire of his predecessor’s wars, and would not involve their sons in a war under any circumstances. His excuse was: ‘I am fulfilling my promise to my voters.’ Israel has an army to defend it, America has enough oil for its needs, and the Arabs have [both] oil and a legacy of courage that they boast. So they should use them both, as they please.” [1]

Ahmad Jarallah: “Iran Of 2015 Is Behaving Like The Adolf Hitler Of 1938”

Ahmad Al-Jarallah wrote:[2] “As the six countries led by the United States of America scurry to contain Iran through diplomacy during the final stages of Iran’s obscure nuclear program pact, Tehran continues to toughen its stance as if it is the one calling the shots. Iran (of 2015) is behaving like the Adolf Hitler of 1938. The Munich Agreement hurled the world into the furnace of the World War II and when then British MP Winston Churchill discovered the truth he opposed the agreement before the House of Commons. In his speech, Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘All these calamities fell upon us because of evil counsel, because tribute was not offered to them at the right time nor yet were they resisted; but when they (Nazis) had done the most evil, then was peace made with them’.

Full article: Gulf Journalists: The West’s Current Paralysis Vis-à-vis Iran Parallels Its Inability To Deal With Nazi Germany Prior To WWII (MEMRI)

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