Khamenei to students: ‘Get yourselves ready’, nuclear deal won’t stop the ‘revolution’

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the imminent nuclear deal with P5+1 powers won’t stop Teheran’s campaign against the United States.

Iran’s FARS news agency reported that Khamenei told university students in Teheran to “get yourselves ready for a continuing campaign against the arrogance.”

“Campaign against the arrogant powers and hegemonic system is one of the tenets and essence of the revolution,” Khamenei said, adding that “we would not be subordinate to the Koran if we stop the campaign against the arrogance.”

While the P5+1 negotiators were hammering out the details on July 10, Iranian media reported that millions of people took part in “Quds Day” in Teheran, burning Israeli, American, Saudi Arabian, and British flags as well as an effigy of U.S. President Barack Obama.

“If the entire nuclear deal hinges on the precondition of acknowledging Israel as a state, the Iranian republic and its people would never accept such a condition,” Nasrallah said, “because they would be renouncing their religion if they accept such a stance.”

“Our diplomacy showed the world that we are logical. We never left the negotiation table and always provided the best answer,” Rowhani was said, according to the Nasim news agency. “Twenty-two months of negotiation means we have managed to charm the world, and it’s an art.”

Full article: Khamenei to students: ‘Get yourselves ready’, nuclear deal won’t stop the ‘revolution’ (WND)

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