Varoufakis’ Stunning Accusation: Schauble Wants A Grexit “To Put The Fear Of God” Into The French

When Greece is soon turned into a German vassal state, the Fourth Reich will then turn to France, Italy and Spain. If France is taken down, the rest could likely follow suit. Remember to keep your eyes on the bigger picture: A United States of Europe after each targeted country is broken and reshaped to fit the mold. Yesterday it was Cyprus, today it’s Greece and tomorrow could be France.


Earlier we reported that Yanis Varoufakis, seemingly detained by “family reasons” would be unable to join his fellow parliamentarians and personally vote in what is likely the most important vote of Syriza’s administration: the one in which he and his party capitulate to the Troika and vote “Yes” to the proposal he and Tsipras urged everyone to reject just one week ago.

Subsequently, it was made clear what these family reasons are:

The self-described “erratic Marxist” will be on the nearby holiday island of … Aegina. In fact, he Tweeted that he reason for his absence is “family reasons”. Nevertheless, two hours before his Tweet was posted, the once obscure academic was spotted on the ferry boat “Phivos”, headed for Aegina, where his wife owns a stylish vacation home.

The author of the “global Minotaur” nevertheless sent a letter to the Parliament president saying he would vote “yes” for the proposal, although the letter will not be counted, given that Parliament regulations stipulate that only deputies on official Parliament business are allowed to cast votes via correspondence.

Judgment aside about his decision to take a holiday from a vote that his strategy guided Greece into, it was clear that he has Wifi on the ferry because this afternoon, While V-Fak may well have been in transit, the Guardian released an Op-Ed penned by Varoufakis titled “Germany won’t spare Greek pain – it has an interest in breaking us.” Readers can read it in its entirety here but here is the punchline:

And there’s the rub. After the crisis of 2008/9, Europe didn’t know how to respond. Should it prepare the ground for at least one expulsion (that is, Grexit) to strengthen discipline? Or move to a federation? So far it has done neither, its existentialist angst forever rising. Schäuble is convinced that as things stand, he needs a Grexit to clear the air, one way or another. Suddenly, a permanently unsustainable Greek public debt, without which the risk of Grexit would fade, has acquired a new usefulness for Schauble.

What do I mean by that? Based on months of negotiation, my conviction is that the German finance minister wants Greece to be pushed out of the single currency to put the fear of God into the French and have them accept his model of a disciplinarian eurozone.

He does have a point: Recall “Forget Grexit, “Madame Frexit” Says France Is Next: French Presidential Frontrunner Wants Out Of “Failed” Euro.” So perhaps making an example of the social collapse that would result from a Eurozone exit, would be seen a good lesson for French voters ahead of the 2017 French presidential elections in Schauble’s mind

Will this time Merkel risk the explosion of the Eurozone with her own actions: her biggest historic legacy? Probably not, and while Schauble has much sway, it is still Merkel’s word over his.

No, Varoufakis may be right about Greece being made an example of (unless he is merely trying to deflect blame from himself for putting Greece in this position and for conspicuously avoiding voting for a plan he himself derided untilt the end), but the one person who will decide the future of Greece in the Eurozone is neither Schauble nor Merkel but Mario Draghi, also known as Goldman Sachs. Because if Goldman wants more Q€, it will get more Q€.

Full article: Varoufakis’ Stunning Accusation: Schauble Wants A Grexit “To Put The Fear Of God” Into The French (Zero Hedge)

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