A Greek exit will establish Berlin as the new geopolitical player to reckon with

Every day, people are becoming more awake and seeing it for what it is, yet articles like these still miss the bigger picture: The Euro was designed to fail.

It was known this many countries with too many differing economies and cultures could not get along in one basket in the first place — nobody is this dumb. Therefore, let them in even if they don’t qualify anyways and watch a crisis unfold. Create the crisis, break the countries and provide the pre-determined solution that shapes them into the United States of Europe mold you longed for. The Fourth Reich has landed and all roads lead to Berlin. Within the next few years expect Washington to be pushed out of Europe, politically and militarily. This would also be the end of NATO, which will be replaced by a European Army. Politically and economically, Germany wants its continent back.


If European Monetary Authorities could prevent a Lehman moment in case Greece has to leave the Euro we expect the euro to surge the coming months. Greece exiting the European Monetary Union will establish Berlin as the new geopolitical player to reckon with.

  • Greece exiting the EMU will be a victory for German elite and establish German dominance in the European Monetary Union.
  • A Greek exit will expose the relative weakness of the BRICS Bank versus European financial institutions like the EMU. The BRICS Bank fund will not be sufficient to rescue Greece. A BRICS bank not being able to help Greece will expose its relative weakness in comparison to the European financial institutions. It will be clear that only the ECB and the EMU have the financial capacity to solve problems of the magnitude of Greece.
  • If Germany does not save Greece, it will be a blow to the IMF that will render irrelevant as a paper tiger (紙老虎) unable to solve modern financial problems without the help of the European financial institutions. The IMF is not able to solve Greece’s financial problems and turned out to be ineffective in Ukraine, having an embarrassing tradition of failures in this country. A Greek exit will be a huge blow to the standing of the IMF.
  • Without Greece, Germany could concentrate on Ukraine, which has more value for Germany’s power elite.  Germany, Poland and Ukraine encompass an area of 160 Million inhabitants.
  • Germany will push the EMU in a continuous trade surplus creating a much higher demand for euros world wide. We do not believe the dollar can maintain its dominance by creating a continuous deficit.
  • A Greek exit will be evidence that the US and IMF influence on Berlin is waning.

We do not express our opinion on the validity of Germans policy nor the moral implication of the EMU policy.

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