US Army Not Trying to Destroy ISIL Forces – Joint Chiefs Chairman Nominee

Create ISIS, then bomb them… but only a few — at least until the wish of Syria and/or Iran being toppled is fulfilled. Then their purpose is fulfilled. That’s how it works.


The US military is only seeking to deny Islamic State forces sanctuary, not destroy them, Marine Corps Commandant General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. told the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Department of Defense News reported.

WASHINTON (Sputnik) — Dunford made the remarks during his confirmation hearing to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. If confirmed by the Senate, Dunford will take over as Joint Chiefs Chairman from Army General Martin E. Dempsey on October 1, 2015.

“Of the nine lines of effort, the Defense Department has two: to deny the enemy sanctuary and to build Iraqi and Syrian forces,” the News quoted Dunford as saying on Thursday. “The other lines of effort are managed by the State Department, the Treasury Department, law enforcement and other agencies.”

The Marine general noted he does not see how the United States can achieve an enduring success unless it addresses the other “seven lines of effort.”

Full article: US Army Not Trying to Destroy ISIL Forces – Joint Chiefs Chairman Nominee (Sputnik News)

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