Russia to Develop “Aircraft Carrier Killer Sub”

New details have emerged on Russia’s development of a new fifth generation class of nuclear-powered submarines.

The yet-to-be-named class will be divided up into “underwater interceptor” and “aircraft carrier killer” vessels, the Moscow Times reports quoting the head of the state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation’s state defense order department, Anatoly Shlemov.

“The main purpose of the [underwater interceptor] is to protect groups of [ballistic] missile carrying submarines, and to battle with enemy submarines. The second ship will be a cruise missile carrier [used] for defeating coastal and surface targets,” Shlemov stated.

Very little other information is available about the likely features of Russia’s fifth generation submarine. Back in 2013, the Malakhit Marine Engineering Design Bureau in St. Petersburg announced that it will be equipped with new stealth features, new noise reduction technology, automated control systems, reactor safety, and long-range weapons.

Vladimir Dorofeyev, CEO of Malakhit Marine Engineering Design Bureau, said in an interview in June that the new class of submarines will be based on a “network-centric system.” He also noted that not everything will be revolutionary new technology: “The reactor [of the submarines] will be certainly based on new principles, but there will be no revolution, and it is not needed after all.”

He is also paraphrased as saying that the “boats’ dimensions and speed, although remaining significant parameters, will cease to be of prime importance.” Furthermore, Dorofeyev emphasized that production of the new submarine class will only begin once construction of all Yasen-class multi-purpose attack nuclear submarines (SSGN) will be completed.

Full article: Russia to Develop “Aircraft Carrier Killer Sub” (The Diplomat)

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