Russian Navy’s New Sonar Can ‘Hear’ Every Sub Anywhere


Powerful sonar capable of “hearing” fourth generation nuclear submarines lurking in the deep will undergo trials at Russia’s Northern Fleet before the end of this year.

The transmitter/receiver unit of the Batareya (Battery) sonar will be lowered to around 300 meters into the water 30 kilometers from the White Sea coast to pick up submarine sounds and send the date [sic] up via a fiber optic cable, said Sergei Tsygankov, one of the new sonar’s designers.

“We went for exactly this method of data transmission because not a single Western country now knows how to pick up information traveling through an underwater fiber optic cable,” Sergei added.

Another thing that makes the new sonar so special is that it can single out submarine noise from that of marine creatures, waves, stones, etc..

“Modern submarines are often more silent than the natural soundscape. Still, the Americans prefer to “listen in” during a dead calm, while the Batareya sonar will do the job under any condition,” Sergei Tsygankov emphasized.

Full article: Russian Navy’s New Sonar Can ‘Hear’ Every Sub Anywhere (Sputnik News)

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