Best of Lev, 2012: China demonstrating will to dominate as West loses the will to resist

From Moscow, the capital of the slave country founded in 1917, I came to New York, to the 21st floor of a skyscraper.

The owners of the slave country had created their radio and television and even their own art and philosophy — in short, they created a new culture, with inevitable shortcomings.

Pre-1917 Russian culture was based on the concept of genius. The West followed, recognizing Russian writers of genius such as Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, or Chekhov.

Post-1917 Russian culture was founded on the premise of confrontation. Before 1917, the communist hymn “The Internationale,” which had been created with the participation of Marx himself, was first secretly sung in Russia.

The message of the hymn could not be clearer: “Workers of the world, unite!” and declare war on “capitalists” by taking away their property. “Destroy the old world and build a new one, which will belong to you!” It was not a song, it was a declaration of war.

The message worked in Russia. Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed, the old Russia with its unique culture was destroyed, and those who perpetrated those crimes grabbed power. Later, those “proletarian” factions led by Lenin, who originally seized power, came to fight each other, and Stalin became the ultimate dictator of the country.

China is another case in point. The old Kuomintang regime was wiped out and found its refuge on the island of Taiwan, where they established a flourishing democracy, while mainland China still aggressively pursues the ideas expressed in “The Internationale” — they established a ruthless dictatorship and turned the “proletariat” into obedient slaves.

The present-day Chinese dictators, with their 1.3 billion slaves, who could be readily turned into the world’s largest army, menace the West. Their “peaceful” efforts, which are masqueraded as benevolent trade relations, are actually veiled well-thought-out efforts to achieve unprecedented military superiority to take over the free world.

It looks like the free countries are taking the bait. Their greed to make ever more money by exploiting Chinese slave labor is limitless. Many Western businesses have actually relocated to China — just look at the new office spaces for their CEOs in multimillion-dollar skyscrapers from which they conduct their trade operations, all built with Chinese slave labor. And all these motives are more often than not being overlooked by Western human rights organizations.

Full article: Best of Lev, 2012: China demonstrating will to dominate as West loses the will to resist (World Tribune)

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