FBI On High Alert For Fourth Of July Terrorist Attack

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are asking Americans to remain vigilant to the threat of a terror attack over the Fourth of July weekend.

The FBI is setting up command centers at its 56 field offices across the country, including the one in Minnesota.

Although officials say there is no credible threat, the FBI is reacting to a call to arms by ISIS for mass murder during Ramadan.

Messages from the Islamic State, calling supporters to arms against Americans during the Fourth of July holiday, is one reason the FBI put out a warning.

“We don’t have any credible threat information to suggest any plot is ongoing; however, we want to have that response capability in the event something happens,” Kyle Loven said.

Even though there’s no credible threat, all field offices in the country, including Minnesota, will be on high alert.

Former CIA agent Michael Morell told CBS news that he feels the threat is as high as it’s ever been.

He says the attacks of last week show the global reach of ISIS: Three cities, within three hours, on three continents — France, Tunsia and Kuwait — were all victims of an ISIS call to action.

Full article: FBI On High Alert For Fourth Of July Terrorist Attack (CBS Minnesota)

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