US neither ally nor friend of France — Marine Le Pen

Just like Germany knew about the spying against them, so did France. Ironically, Germany helped America spy on France. This begs the question, if they knew about it for so long, why all the fuss now? Answer: Because they want America out of Europe.

This is only one propaganda tool of many used on their citizens to form public opinion, cause a rift and get closer to that goal. If they get the people upset enough, the citizens will call for action and all the politicians have to do is say they’re fulfilling the will of their constituents. Devise a plan, create the problem and have the pre-determined solution ready at the right time… corrupt social engineering at its finest.


PARIS, June 24. /TASS/. The United States is “neither an ally nor a friend of France,” member of the European Parliament, leader of France’s National Front political party Marine Le Pen said, commenting on reports on eavesdropping on mobile phones of the last three French presidents.

“The revelations made by the WikiLeaks website seem to be very serious,” she said. “This eavesdropping poses a direct threat to our national independence, sovereignty and security.”

Le Pen demanded harsh response, specifically, “France’s withdrawal as of today from the talks on the Transatlantic Economic Partnership.” “We should no longer tolerate such practices,” she said.

“The French must understand that the United States — I am talking about the US government, not about the people — is neither an allied nor a friendly country,” Le Pen noted. She described France’s return to the NATO military command in the past decade as “a serious strategic mistake that had to be corrected.”

“The United States is a hegemonic power ready for anything to enhance their control over our country,” the politician said. “This is not a new statement, there were periods in history, even recently, when the French government spoke out against this encroachment on our freedoms, independence and honor. The latest scandal should prompt us to rediscover our national interests.”

Full article: US neither ally nor friend of France — Marine Le Pen (ITAR-TASS)

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