Terror: United States Faces ‘Highest Threat Level’

Thousands of sleeper cells have already been reported to be throughout the United States for years now and are waiting for the green light. We’ve been repeatedly warned. We’ve been repeatedly warned. See this, this, this and this as an example of something the terrorists have planned which is dubbed “American Hiroshima”.


The United States is now facing the highest threat level the country has ever seen, according to the House Intelligence Committee.

The danger is coming from a surge of young people supporting radical groups, and foreign fighters joining the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. There is fear that these fighters may return home and carry out attacks within the United States.

Several Americans have already been charged with sympathizing with the Islamic State. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that young people are becoming radicalized through Internet media such as chat rooms.

Full article: Terror: United States Faces ‘Highest Threat Level’ (The Trumpet)

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