PLA recalls retired NCOs for S China Sea contingency: Duowei

For anyone who wishes to write this off as sabre rattling, you’re either not paying attention or are lulled into complacency brought on by years of false peace. They’re already called for the extermination of the United States before, among other threats.


China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy has recently recalled all its non-commissioned officers who have retired over the last two years back into service for a potential military confrontation with the United States over the South China Sea, according to a June 17 piece published by Duowei News, a media outlet operated by overseas Chinese.

Sources close to the PLA Navy said that the order was passed to the retired non-commissioned officers in two ways. They were either informed by the political bureaus of their original naval units or the local People’s Armed Forces Departments. A retired NCO told Duowei that one of the reasons they are being recalled is that the PLA Navy needs more personnel to operate the new warships it has commissioned in recent years.

However, sources said that the primary reason the PLA Navy recalled the officers is to prepare for a conflict with the United States and other claimants of the Spratly islands. The move to recall the officers, if it really is in preparation for a conflict, go against comments made by Lu Kang, spokesperson for the foreign ministry, stating that China has halted land reclamation in the region and is seeking a peaceful resolution to the ongoing disputes.

Full article: PLA recalls retired NCOs for S China Sea contingency: Duowei (Want China Times)

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