Obama’s “Model Partner” Thinks Israel, U.S., Biggest Threats

  • While the Turks’ most real threats are their Muslim neighbors — and the Islamists they have overtly or covertly supported in their country’s “neighborhood” — they tend to look for enemies in unlikely territories.

This is how the Turkish foreign ministry’s official website describes Turkey’s relations with the United States:

“From a historical point of view, relations between Turkey and the United States are multidimensional and based on mutual respect and interest. As NATO allies, Turkey and the U.S., carry out their bilateral relations on the basis of universal values, including democracy, freedoms, respect for human rights, rule of law and free-market economy.”

It then further beautifies the “model partnership” which U.S. President Barack Obama once portrayed:

“During the visit [in 2009], President Obama defined Turkish – U.S. relations as a ‘model partnership’ and the leadership of both governments reached a high level consensus to bring the bilateral economic, commercial, investment and technologic dimension of the relationship to a level proportionate with political, military, and security cooperation. The concept of ‘Model Partnership’ reflects the advanced level that Turkey and the U.S. have reached in the relationship.”

Really? Does Obama still think he found a “model partner” in a country that once was a staunch ally of both his country and of NATO?

A recent study on the Turks’ foreign policy perceptions reveal that Obama’s model partner nation has a totally confused mind — not just over Turkish-American ties but over its own country’s identity and security concerns.

The research, unveiled on May 27 by a team of academics from Istanbul’s Kadir Has University, shows that the Turks view the US as the second biggest security threat to their country (35.3%, just after Israel with 42.6%). Reflecting a similarly negative mindset, 32.3% of Turks think that the U.S. has colonial ambitions.

According to the same study, however, 74.3% of Turks think that Turkey is cooperating with the U.S., and 44.3% think the cooperation is of a military nature. Further, 53.3% of Turks think Turkey “has no problems with the US.”

Interesting mindset: More than half of Turks think their country has no problems, and nearly half of them think their country has a working military cooperation with the U.S., but that still the U.S. is the second most dangerous country to the security of their country.

Full article: Obama’s “Model Partner” Thinks Israel, U.S., Biggest Threats (Gatestone Institute)

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