US Nuclear Bombers Lack Satellite Terminals for Atomic Emergencies


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — US satellite terminals to ensure communications with nuclear bombers do not yet exist and have been delayed indefinitely, a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report said.

“[The] development of key satellite communication terminals for strategic bomber aircraft has been deferred by several years,” the report said. “Further details remain classified.”

The terminals were planned to be part of a massive nuclear command, communications and control (NC3) system, the GAO explained.

The NC3 was supposed to be comprised of numerous land, air and space-based components, the GAO noted, that tie together nuclear forces and their commanders all the way up to the White House with “survivable, secure, and enduring communications through all threat environments.”

In its investigations, the GAO interviewed numerous officials from the US Air Force, the US Strategic Command, the Defense Information Systems Agency, Air Force Global Strike Command as well as Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and other relevant agencies, it said.

Full article: US Nuclear Bombers Lack Satellite Terminals for Atomic Emergencies (Spunik News)

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