China flags off new cargo train to Europe

NEW DELHI: A new freight train linking Harbin city in northeastern China to Germany’s Hamburg was launched on Saturday. The train, which will open a new trade route between China and Europe will run a distance of 9,820 Kms.

The journey will take 15 days as the train passes through Russia and Poland before reaching its destination, according to Tu Xiaoyue, general manager of HAO Logistics Co., Ltd, a joint venture which runs the service. It will run once a week.

Talking about the train between Chongqing and Europe, Jorg Wuttke, president of the European Chamber of Commerce, recently said that it was being mostly used to move Chinese goods as China buys very little from Europe.

“For every five train loads that go from China to Europe, only one comes back. The rest of the containers return from Europe by sea. If China allowed market access to European goods, five trains would go and five would return with goods from Europe,” he said at a recent press conference.

Full article: China flags off new cargo train to Europe (The Times of India)

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