Russia accelerating Kuril island militarisation

When you see stories like this, you know why it’s often said here Asian nations such as Japan will eventually fold under pressure only to join a regional Asian bloc headed by China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. With the United States in suicidal decline, rising doubts about its will and capability, it’s better to join than face being wiped off the map by a Sino-Soviet attack.


Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has ordered the speeding up of military construction on the strategic Kuril Islands, just 3 miles off the coast of Japan.

Speaking at the headquarters of Russia’s Eastern Military District (EMD) on 8 June, he stated that daily control would now be taken over by the National Centre for Defence Management.

EMD commander General Sergei Surovikin confirmed to the minister that 12 new military towns would be completed before 2016.

Plans to upgrade the Kurils pre-date those for the Arctic and in Russian eyes may be more important, as they provide direct traction with foreign countries.

Full article: Russia accelerating Kuril island militarisation (IHS Jane’s 360)

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