Russian Jet Again Harasses U.S. Reconnaissance Plane

‘Unsafe’ aerial intercept of RC-135 over Baltic Sea

A Russian fighter jet conducted a dangerous aerial intercept of a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft two weeks ago over the Baltic Sea in the latest sign of heightened military tensions between Moscow and Washington.

“The nature of the intercept was unsafe,” said a senior defense official familiar with details of the encounter.

However, it is unclear whether the May 30 incident between the RC-135 reconnaissance jet and a Russian Su-27 interceptor that flew too close was intentional or due to the pilot’s lack of flying experience, the official said.

“We can’t tell if it was intentional or from a lack or training or experience,” the official said.

It could not be learned whether the United States protested the incident, which is the third recent encounter between Russian aircraft and U.S. jets and warships since April.

“We’re flying more frequently and the Russians are flying more frequently,” the official said, noting that the increase flights by the Russians coincided with the recent aggression against Ukraine.

Russia was sanctioned by the United States and NATO for the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, and Russia is continuing to arm pro-Russian rebels covertly in the eastern part of the country.

Full article: Russian Jet Again Harasses U.S. Reconnaissance Plane (Washington Free Beacon)

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