Russian hackers accused of Bundestag attack

A cyber attack on the German Bundestag lower house of parliament reported last month is still stealing data and could force officials to spend millions of euros replacing the entire computer system, German media reported on Wednesday.

The online edition of news magazine Der Spiegel also quoted what it said were experts from an internal investigation saying there were indications that a Russian intelligence agency had staged the attack.

Replacing more than 20,000 new computers could cost several million euros and take months, the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung and German television network ARD reported.

The media reports said that the hackers were still receiving data from the Bundestag computers.

“The trojans are still active,” the Spiegel online edition quoted a parliamentary source as saying, referring to “trojan” attacks where users are tricked into installing software that can steal data from their computers.

Full article: Russian hackers accused of Bundestag attack (The Telegraph)

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