Iran seeks closer military ties with China

Tehran urges Beijing to play bigger role in Iran nuclear talks with other world powers

Iran is keen to build closer military ties with China, welcoming Beijing to expand its naval presence and urging it to play a bigger role in the Tehran nuclear talks.

The two states might conduct more port calls because of China’s growing commercial interests, Iranian foreign affairs adviser Ali Akbar Velayati told the South China Morning Post.

Last month, Russia hosted Chinese navy vessels in the Black Sea ahead of the two country’s joint exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. The move raised concerns about China’s growing maritime force.

But Velayati said: “It is right for China, as a great power, to do that. You see the United States is also sending its military vessels everywhere. It is China’s right to send its military vessels.”

The Chinese and Iranian militaries conducted a series of exchanges in 2013 and 2014.

Full article: Iran seeks closer military ties with China (South China Morning Post)

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