German EU architect says Britain set to become ‘an irrelevance’ and reform ‘a pipe dream’

You have not anchored Germany to Europe,… You have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you’ll find it will not work.

– Margaret Thatcher

How right she was.

If readers have any doubts that Germany’s back, you can read up on the tracked ascension of the Fourth Reich and judge for yourself.


DAVID CAMERON’s hope of reforming the European Union is a case of “wishful thinking” and quitting the EU will mean Britain becomes an irrelevance, a German political grandee said today.

The Prime Minister has just returned from a whistle-stop tour of EU member states in order to drum up support for his plans to win back powers from Brussels.

On his trip, the Conservative leader received a welcome boost from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who expressed a “desire” to play a constructive role in working with Britain.

Mrs Merkel did not rule out EU treaty change for Mr Cameron’s reforms and said she had a “clear cut hope” that Britain would remain in the 28-member bloc.

However, former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer has dampened Mr Cameron’s hopes of reforms by claiming his country won’t support any proposals that “endanger the basic principles” of the EU, such as freedom of movement across the union.

He warned the Prime Minister not to get carried away with German support for Britain’s plans, adding that the UK’s in/out referendum on EU membership is far from a priority for Mrs Merkel.

Mr Fischer, an architect of European foreign policy and EU arch-federalist, said the current risk of Greek bankruptcy was the real focus of Europe.

Mr Fischer told the BBC: “Don’t lose yourself in wishful thinking.

Mr Fischer also dismissed an “illusion” that Britain would receive special treatment because of its large European budget contributions.

He claimed the UK would become irrelevant on the world stage if it quit the EU.

He said: “What will the UK be without the EU? Go to Washington, ask them. The answer is very clear, very negative.”

Full article: German EU architect says Britain set to become ‘an irrelevance’ and reform ‘a pipe dream’ (Express)

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