PLA’s YJ-18 missile a nightmare for the US: National Interest

The magazine cited a report issued by the US Office of Naval Intelligence, stating that the missile can be vertically launched and can be fired by submerged submarines. A report by the Pentagon on China’s military power said that the missiles maximum range is 290 nautical miles, double that of the Russian 3M-54 Klub anti-ship cruise missile.

The YJ-18 has a two-speed design where it travels for the majority of its trajectory at high subsonic speeds until its terminal stage, when it accelerates to 2.5-three times the speed of sound. This gives the YJ-18 the long range, light weight of a subsonic missile, and range of application while at the same time having supersonic capabilities, reducing the time the target has to react.

Full article: PLA’s YJ-18 missile a nightmare for the US: National Interest (Want China Times)

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