PLA switching to an offensive footing, says Russian expert

The release of China’s ninth defense white paper on May 26 indicates that the People’s Liberation Army has changed its traditional strategy of coastal defense. By acquiring more advanced weapons systems, the development of PLA Navy in the future will be focused on its offensive capability. Under this strategy, the mission of China’s strategic missile division known as the Second Artillery Corps has become more important, Sivkov said.

New types of intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of greater than 5,000 kilometers have been developed in China in recent years. Sivkov said the missiles have likely been developed with an eye to a potential future conflict with the United States. To project its naval power to regions outside the Asia-Pacific region, the PLA Navy recently launched a joint exercise with the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean, the expert noted.

With nearly 5,000 fighters, China’s air force has become more powerful too. Sivkov said that even the United States does not have as many fighters as China does today. He said that the fighters can carry out missions between 400 and 500 kilometers from Chinese borders. The PLA Air Force is also developing new strategic bombers to carry cruise missiles. The KD-20 cruise missile, which can be carried by the H-6 bomber, has an attack range of 1,500 kilometers.

Full article: PLA switching to an offensive footing, says Russian expert (Want China Times)

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