Bird flu death toll climbs to 42 million hens and turkeys in United States

A staggering 42 million poultry have been destroyed in the worst outbreak of bird flu in America’s history.

That is nearly three times larger than the last worst outbreak in 1983.

It is taking an emotional toll on farmers and staff and a team of forensics are conducting a CSI-style investigation on how it is continuing to spread unchecked.

It is the highly pathogenic avian influenza strain of H5 N2 (HPAI H5N2), which poses only a low risk to human health.

The Centre for Disease Control in the US said the virus is destroyed with proper handling and cooking of poultry and eggs, to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

But the risk to birds is extreme.

Even farms with first class biosecurity still got hit, said David Inall, vice-president of the United Egg Producers.

“The poultry industry is now in unchartered waters, with the worst ever outbreak of bird flu, on 187 premises,” Mr Inall said.

“There are 25 egg layer farms affected. Some of those farms are extremely large, with three to four million hens, with a total layer population of 35 million hens included in that number.”

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