The Rise of Asian Giant: China is Ready to Defend Its National Interests


The times when China was coolheaded and cautious regarding its foreign policy are over; the Asian giant is ready to show its teeth when its interests are at stake, the India-based newspaper Milli Gazette reported.

In the past, China tried to influence other countries mainly through economic means, using trade and business mechanisms. However, now Beijing has openly shown that it doesn’t approve of any foreign interference in the Asia-Pacific Region, China’s own backyard.

The move towards a more aggressive foreign policy is understandable, as China has enough military potential to start acting in a more dominant fashion on the international level.

However, Beijing realizes that it cannot be reckless and stand against the United States alone. That is why China is on board with the idea of the multipolar world, in which there are several regional leaders. By sticking to this strategy and creating allies in different parts of the world, China plans to weaken the United States.

When that happens, China hopes to outperform others and eventually become a new world leader. China is siding with its long-time ally — Russia — to defy the US hegemony around the world, The Milli Gazette said.

Full article: The Rise of Asian Giant: China is Ready to Defend Its National Interests (Sputnik News)

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