The Coming Cashless Society

Now you are watching newspaper and TV shows all preparing the public for the coming cashless society. This is a marketing campaign and this may be indeed what October 1st, 2015 is all about – 2015.75. I doubt that the USA will be able to move to a cashless society as easily as Europe. The dollar is used around the world and cancelling that outstanding money supply would bring tremendous international unrest. Additionally, the USA is not in crisis financially as is the case in Europe.

This is a deliberate marketing campaign now. I know who these things work and just pay attention. They are selling this idea everywhere and that is the preparation for the inevitable action. With the speed at which they are moving, it certainly appears they are gearing up for October 1st on out model. It is also interesting that some German press misquoted our date as October 17th. I was not sure why they would do that, but perhaps that was intentional as well. This is very curious for when they take that final step, it will most likely be sudden and overnight. This would announce it and give everyone some time period to take your paper currency and deposit it into you bank account.

For European readers, swap to the dollars for hoarding and you can open accounts in the US which for now is a safety valve where gold makes sense for local hoarding but it may have lost its movability.

Full article: The Coming Cashless Society (Armstrong Economics)

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