New Robotic Russian T-50 Fighter Jet Fit for Star Wars


Russia’s new fifth-generation T-50 fighter jet, currently in the testing phase, incorporates elements of automation which make it more like a robot than a fighter plane, explains a representative from the Rostech corporation.

The Sukhoi PAK FA fighter jet, also known as T-50, is ready to go into production next year, and boasts innovative technology which renders the pilot one part of the plane’s whole control system.

“The PAK FA is already to some degree a flying robot, where the aviator fulfils the function not only of pilot, but is actually one of the constituent parts of the flying apparatus,” explained deputy head of the Concern Radioelectronic Technologies [KRET] unit of Rostech, Vladimir Mikheyev. “That is, the reaction of the aviator is a part of the control loop.”

Mikheyev explains that “smart paneling” is another of the jet’s smart features. “If we take the wingtip, from one perspective it functions as a wing, but from another it’s also a part of the Himalaya active defense system.”

“The unique system of active and passive radars and optical rangefinders is integrated into the aircraft body and acts as a ‘smart skin’. Its use not only enhances the aircraft’s protection against jamming and its survivability, but also counters, to a great extent, the effects of low-observability [stealth] technology of enemy aircraft,” explained KRET.

In January KRET lifted the lid on a number of the T-50’s stealth capabilities, announcing that “the aircraft company Sukhoi managed to greatly reduce the effective surface scattering of the PAK FA, which is the basic element for visibility on aircraft radars.”

“Thanks to these new design solutions, the T-50 is now ahead of not only all other fighters of the Russian Army, but also foreign models. For example, the visibility of the American fifth-generation F-22 fighter is 0.3-0.4 square meters,” said KRET, while the value of this indicator for the T-50 fighter is between 0.1 and 1 square meters.

Full article: New Robotic Russian T-50 Fighter Jet Fit for Star Wars (Sputnik News)

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