Belt and Road may establish China as genuine superpower

Following a trip to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia in early May, President Xi Jinping of China received the visiting Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi. Beijing is stepping up efforts to push its “Belt and Road” initiatives, as these countries are all key players in China’s Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road plans and have signed economic cooperation deals involving huge sums.

Through its Silk Road Fund and the planned Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), China has also established a mechanism similar to the Marshall Plan and the Bretton Woods system that helped the United States build a dominant position after World War II.

If China manages to achieve closer economic ties with India, a country that is capable of countering China along the Silk Road, it will at least prevent New Delhi from choosing sides between Beijing and Washington.

The Belt and Road initiatives cover a large area of the Muslim world, a sensitive area that is a major factor in Washington’s global strategy. If China can succeed in bringing Muslim countries into its orbit through the Belt and Road projects, it will strengthen its hand in competition with the US, while bringing Europe, the Middle East and Asia together.

Beijing has also tapped into Latin America, which is seen as the backyard of the US but shares more commonality with China in terms of development.

Full article: Belt and Road may establish China as genuine superpower (Want China Times)

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