Finland calls ONE MILLION troops with ‘event of war’ alert amid growing Russia tension


FINLAND has called upon nearly ONE MILLION troops to alert them to their roles “in the event of war” amid growing aggression from neighbouring Russia.

Letters from the Finnish Defence Forces have been dispatched to 900,000 former conscripts in the armed forces in the last few weeks, telling them where to report to in the event of hostilities.

While the letters did not detail any specific upcoming events or forces to be prepared against, their arrival has led to recipients assuming they are the result of rising tensions with Moscow.

Finland shares a 830-mile border with Russia, leading to fears the Scandinavian country could be vulnerable to military aggression from Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

The Finnish government recently strengthened ties with Nato following Russian incursions into eastern Ukraine.

In recent months Finland, not a Nato member, also fired underwater depth charges at a suspected Russian submarine in the waters near capital Helsinki.

The letters from the Finnish Defence Forces were first sent earlier this month, with the final batch distributed in recent days.

They read: “Attached you will find your personal details as well as your role in the event of war.”

One Finnish reservist, who received the letter, said that the timing was by no means random.

He said: “It is clearly due to a more aggressive stance by the Russians.

“I’ve been in the reserves for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve received something like this. They send out letters like this very rarely.”

Full article: Finland calls ONE MILLION troops with ‘event of war’ alert amid growing Russia tension (Express)

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