PLA Navy to show off stealth frigate in return to Asian military expo

Chinese military sends warship as tensions grow with the US over the South China Sea

The Chinese navy plans to showcase a stealth frigate at a key Asian defence expo this week, the first time it has had a presence at the international event in eight years.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy said on its microblog yesterday that it would send a 4,000-tonne Type 054A Jiangkai II frigate to the International Maritime Defence Exhibition (Imdex) Asia in Singapore.

The exhibition starts today. The last time China sent a similar warship to Imdex Asia was in 2007.

The announcement follows United States Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Beijing on the weekend, which ended with a stalemate over China’s land reclamation projects in the disputed Spratly Islands chain in the South China Sea.

The move also comes after reports last week that US Defence Secretary Ash Carter had asked the US military to explore options for using aircraft and naval ships to contest Chinese territorial claims in the area.

The US is also sending vessels to Imdex Asia, including a combat ship, a destroyer and an unidentified fast-attack submarine.

Full article: PLA Navy to show off stealth frigate in return to Asian military expo (South China Morning Post)

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