Denmark Preparing to be the First to Eliminate Cash

Denmark is not part of the euro; they have their own currency, the krone. So far, they appear likely to become the first country to abolish cash. The Danish government is currently pushing to free some stores, restaurants, and petrol stations from accepting cash payments as Britain was testing last year in Manchester. The Danish government is currently are proposing to scrap cash transactions entirely as part of a package of cost-saving measures introduced ahead of the Danish election in September.

We stand on the verge of Economic Totalitarianism that will lead to the total control of money by the state. No one will be able to buy or sell without government approval. The USA has already provided for the revocation of a passport if you owe the government more than $50,000. Passports in Rome were invented not to travel between nations, but to be able to travel to prove you did not owe money to the state and hence were free to travel. History simply always repeats – only the names change.

Full article: Denmark Preparing to be the First to Eliminate Cash (Armstrong Economics)

One response to “Denmark Preparing to be the First to Eliminate Cash

  1. England is full of idiotic establishments who would consider no cash an advantage.
    I suppose Denmark has it’s quota of fools too.
    Only what about those who DON’T have bank accounts?
    It’s too simple to say everyone would have to get a bank account, for some that is simply not possible ESPECIALLY the homeless, bankrupt, or those with a bad credit rating.

    Then what about foreigners working in the UK or Denmark?
    Hang on though, they’d get a bank account with no difficulty, it’s only the British in Britain that are regulated to hell and back.

    It’s idiotic to assume the world can function without money and if it was brought about it would bring about more crime and civil unrest than they could ever imagine.

    For example if you need food, fuel, or medicines and cannot e-pay, people will simply just walk out of the shop with the goods or drive off the forecourt without paying.

    After all what would the courts do, demand they pay the fine using e-pay?
    Now that thought I find VERY amusing. Especially if they haven’t got a bank account.