New corvette will boost PLA’s anti-submarine capability

Although China possesses the world’s second-largest submarine fleet, the PLA Navy has had inadequate anti-submarine warfare capability since its establishment in 1949. China has launched advanced surface combat ships in massive numbers in recent years and the PLA Navy has devoted more resources to the development of vessels with the ability to take on enemy subs. The Huangshi, the 20th Type 056 corvette, was designed to meet the demands of the new combat environment.

The corvette has a displacement of 1,500 tons. It carries four containerized YJ-83 anti-ship missiles, a 76mm main gun and two triple-tube torpedo launchers. Each YJ-83 has a range of 65 nautical miles. A Z-9C helicopter designed to engage enemy submarines can be carried on board, Jane’s Defence Weekly reported. The Huangshi is also the fourth ship in its class to be fitted with towed array and variable depth sonars.

Full article: New corvette will boost PLA’s anti-submarine capability (Want China Times)

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