The Church That Swallowed a Church

So far, you can say six out of eight predictions are correct.

From 2010:


“Protestantism will be absorbed into the ‘mother’ church—and totally abolished” (Plain Truth, October 1961). Herbert W. Armstrong—the founder of the Trumpet’s predecessor, the Plain Truth—made that bold prediction 48 years ago. On Oct. 20, 2009, the Vatican unveiled plans to do just that.

In a press conference at the Vatican, Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, announced that the Catholic Church would offer a free ticket to Rome for all Anglicans who choose to reject the policies of their liberalized hierarchy. He offered membership of the Church of Rome to those who choose to convert, with the historic concessions that they may keep their Anglican practices and that married clergy may be accepted as priests in a newly established Catholic/Anglican community.

The move was bold, as swift and as sudden as a blitzkrieg frontal attack. With it, Pope Benedict xvi struck at Anglo-Saxon Protestantism’s leading light, the Anglican Church, blindsiding a weakened and divided Anglican community.

“Rome has parked its tanks on the archbishop of Canterbury’s lawn,” proclaimed Britain’s Times newspaper (Oct. 21, 2009).

“This is a mortal blow to Anglicanism which will inevitably lead to disestablishment as the church shrinks yet further and become[s] increasingly irrelevant,” said the National Secular Society.

This brilliant attack—orchestrated by the pope himself—will leave the Church of England mortally wounded. The Catholic Church will now divide and conquer.

Mary’s Dowry

There’s a long-held tradition in traditional Catholic circles that England is “Mary’s dowry.” The tradition holds that the Godhead gave England to Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a gift in all perpetuity as the mother of the church. Based on that tradition, the Vatican has sought to reclaim the dowry since King Henry viii severed the relationship between the church in England and the Church of Rome in 1536.

The whole ecumenical movement of the latter half of the 20th century has been stimulated by the Vatican seeking to garner its wayward Protestant daughters back into its fold. Chief of these daughters of Rome within Western Christendom is the Anglican Church.

In recent years, many Anglicans have been angered by their church’s liberal stance on issues such as the ordination of female clergy and homosexual priests. Now, thanks to the pope’s directive, they may flock to the Catholic Church.

John Broadhurst, bishop of Fulham and chairman of the group Forward in Faith, formed to oppose the ordination of women bishops, said that up to 1,000 clergymen in England alone could move to Catholicism. Entire parishes or dioceses could make the switch.

In fact, defections to Catholicism are already beginning.

…The Vatican’s attack will continue to create waves within Protestantism’s ranks for months to come, not to mention the impact it will have on British politics and the Crown itself.

Look at the Context

This dramatic move by the Vatican is but the latest manifestation of powerful biblical prophecies destined for fulfillment in our time.

Herbert W. Armstrong often forecast that Rome would gather its daughter churches back into its fold immediately before Christ returned. The fact that Pope Benedict has made this move now—at this juncture in unfolding world events—places it in true prophetic perspective. Consider its timing relative to several other recent events:

  • the ongoing failure of the global financial system
  • the consolidation of the EU power bloc under the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution
  • the proposed imposition of global financial and economic regulation by the EU
  • the moves to establish a pan-European military force under Germanic leadership
  • the rapidly aggressive rise of Islamic power via Iran, a prospective nuclear power
  • the German-Russian nexus replacing the Atlantic alliance
  • the latest move of East Asian powers to coalesce in an EU-type community
  • an appeasing, increasingly isolationist U.S. presidency

Viewed in this context, Pope Benedict’s shock move to garner Rome’s wayward daughters back into the Vatican’s fold is but one more massive sign of the times—the biblical “times of the gentiles” prophesied to immediately precede the return of Jesus Christ to rule this Earth (Luke 21:24).

Full article: The Church That Swallowed a Church (The Trumpet)

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