New blocs emerging: China and Russia vs US and Japan

As America is suiciding itself out of existence, the U.S.-Japanese alliance will not last for long. Even though cooperation is ongoing, Japanese leaders increasingly see America as an unreliable partner, much like the Saudis who already went their own way and kept only essential communication lines open. When America collapses, not if, expect Japan to be reigned into the Chinese umbrella protectorate — a regional Asian bloc. From a logical standpoint, it would be better for Japan to align with a nuclear armed nation of 1.4 billion than go against it.


US NATO Commander General Philip Breedlove warned in a testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that Europe and the United States could come into tense confrontation with Russia as the latter increases its military operations in eastern Ukraine.

The US must boost cooperation with its NATO allies, Breedlove suggested, noting that President Barack Obama has reached consensus with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan that the two countries will strengthen their military ties under the US-Japan Defense Cooperation Guidelines.

However, while Europe and the US join hands in boycotting events organized by Russia to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, President Xi Jinping of China arrived in Russia to attend the parade, signing many cooperation agreements with Moscow during his visit.

Meanwhile, China and Russia announced that they will deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership, discuss Beijing’s initiative of building a “Silk Road” economic belt that connects Europe and Asia, and set goals and directions for the further development of China-Russian relations.

With the deepened ties with Russia, Xi has not just presented a strong manifesto in response to Obama’s military security and economic and trade cooperation strategies in the Pacific and Atlantic regions, but also created some bargaining chips for his talks with the American authorities during a planned visit to the United States in September.

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