Russia May Join EU in Future – Czech President

Whether Russia would join the EU in the future remains to be seen. However, one thing you shouldn’t confuse is Russia being a democracy, because it isn’t. Russia is a capitalist country under communist control. This is why people confuse it for a ‘democracy’.


Russia may join the European Union within the next twenty years, Czech President Milos Zeman said in an interview Tuesday.

“Russia could join the EU, because our economies complement each other… Russia needs modern technology, while the EU  needs energy resources,” Milos Zeman in an interview carried by Tuesday’s issue of the Moscow-based Kommersant newspaper.

Speaking about the political situation in Russia, the Czech leader said that the country was “essentially a democracy.”

“First, you have free elections. Second, you have political parties. There is opposition, not big, but it’s their problem, their responsibility… Besides, democracy is also about decentralization and regional self-rule. Even more important is to have a power distribution system where regions enjoy maximum freedom of hand – this I believe is what democracy is really all about,” Milos Zeman emphasized.

Full article: Russia May Join EU in Future – Czech President (Sputnik News)

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