U.S. to Fund Russian Nuclear Security Despite Ukraine Sanctions

Not only has America been sold New Lies for Old and been lulled into a false sense of security via Soviet Perestroika Deception, it has continued a decades long capitulation to Russia’s nuclear blackmail game.

Send the money over, or… “oops, the terrorists ‘accidentally’ get a hold of the nuclear weapons grade material.”

This is how long-term plans for an American Hiroshima happen, where numerous large American cities are lit on fire from coast to coast.

What’s worse is that America is funding the Russian military modernization, even the nuclear weapons modernization. It’s helping create the rope from which itself will be hanged.

America needs not only to wake up, but act, and very soon.


Over $60 million in non-proliferation aid planned

The Energy Department plans to spend more than $60 million in Russia for nuclear security activities at the same time U.S. and European Union sanctions are punishing Moscow for aggression against Ukraine.

The Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), which is in charge of nuclear arms and nuclear security, has budgeted the funds to be spent this year through an international organization called the Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Program in Russia (MNEPR), a little-known group, said administration officials familiar with the funding plan.

It is not clear how the funds will be used. One official said talks between U.S. and Russian officials were held earlier this year regarding a program to remove nuclear material dumped in the Arctic Ocean by the Russians as waste fuel. A second official said the funds would be used for an array of talks and other “feel good” measures on nuclear nonproliferation with the Russians.

Derrick J. Robinson, a NNSA spokesman, declined to answer questions about the funding plan, suggesting details about it are classified. But he did not dispute that NNSA money would be spent on the security of Russian nuclear materials.

“Cooperation with Russia on nuclear security remains an important element to the global effort to reduce the threat posed by nuclear terrorism, and therefore, supports key interests of not only the United States but the international community,” Robinson said in a statement.

“We have long worked with Russia to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by securing and eliminating WMD-related materials and technology,” he added.

Former Pentagon official Eric Edelman agreed. The cooperative threat reduction program made sense after the Soviet collapse, but Russia is no longer a poor country and has oil revenues that can be used to pay for securing its own material, he said in an interview.

“The idea that they’re securing nuclear materials as a favor to us is absurd,” said Edelman, a former under secretary of defense for policy. “Since money is fungible, by continuing to fund these programs we are in effect having U.S. taxpayers subsidize Russia’s nuclear buildup.”

Russia is currently engaged in a major buildup of its strategic nuclear forces that include several new missile systems, new submarines, and a new strategic bomber. Moscow also has threatened to deploy nuclear missiles in occupied Crimea.

The House will debate legislation this week that includes provisions that would restrict U.S. funding for nuclear non-proliferation programs in Russia.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, (R., Okla.) said he will seek to bolster the legislation.

Vladimir Putin apparently has millions of rubles to finance an invasion of Crimea, to destabilize Ukraine, to intimidate our NATO allies, and to build up his nuclear weapons,” Bridenstine told the Free Beacon.

“Rather than further subsidize Russia’s nuclear weapons modernization, the United States should insist that Russia fund its nonproliferation obligations,” he added.

Full article: U.S. to Fund Russian Nuclear Security Despite Ukraine Sanctions (Washington Free Beacon)

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