Greece to finalise airports deal ‘immediately’ – source

…and Greek further capitulates to Germany’s Fourth Reich. If they ever get tired of being a German vassal state and decide to go with the economic ‘nuclear option’, don’t be shocked to find Russian military bases and Chinese owned shipping ports within Greek territory.


(Reuters) – Greece will finalise “immediately” a 1.2-billion-euro (£883.2 million) deal with Fraport (FRAG.DE) to run regional airports and reopen bidding for a majority stake in Piraeus port (Rolph.AT), a senior privatisations official said on Tuesday.

The asset sales had been in doubt after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ leftist-led government took power in January but may be the latest concessions offered by his government to try to secure more bailout cash from international creditors.

“The issue of regional airports will be concluded immediately,” the official at Greece’s privatisations agency HRADF told Reuters on condition of anonymity, noting that an announcement could be expected by May 15.

Fraport and Greek energy firm Copelouzos had agreed with the privatisation agency in 2014 that it would run the airports in tourist destinations including Corfu, striking one of Greece’s biggest privatisation deals since the start of the debt crisis.

Under the terms of the deal, the German-Greek group was expected to spend about 330 million euros in the first four years to upgrade the airports, that will be leased for 40 years.

On Tuesday, the privatisations official said Athens would invite shortlisted investors to submit by July binding offers for a 51-percent stake in Greece’s biggest port with the option to raise their stake to 67 percent over five years.

China’s Cosco Group, which already manages two of Piraeus port’s cargo piers, is among five preferred bidders.

Full article: Greece to finalise airports deal ‘immediately’ – source (Reuters)

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