The terrifying armoury of ISIS: Jihadi group boasts tanks and jets at its disposal

DEADLY terror group Islamic State’s arsenal of weapons includes a fearsome array of tanks and heavy-duty war machinery.

A look at the terrifying cache of munitions the Islamist organisation controls reveals militants have a range of modern fighting tools – including US-made humvee four-wheel-drive vehicles – at their disposal.

Much of the equipment has been looted from Iraqi and Syrian troops as their depleted national armies are forced to retreat.

IS fighters are said to have acquired tanks from Syrian rebels, including the T-72 model, a modern Soviet design.

The 40-tonne machine hosts anti-aircraft guns and can travel at almost 40mph.

The terror group have also got their hands on anti-tank rocket launchers, including RBG-6 grenade launchers.

The Russian-made grenade launcher is capable of firing two rounds a second and was used in the Chechen wars.

Soviet-era missile launchers also pose a threat to forces tackling the group.

Worryingly, militants have managed to obtain American-made M16 automatic rifles, as well as the more commonly used AK47 machine guns.

IS has also attempted to build up its small air force by training pilots to fly its captured fighter jets.

Full article: The terrifying armoury of ISIS: Jihadi group boasts tanks and jets at its disposal (Daily Express)

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