Russia’s Armata Tank to Have No Match Among Western Analogues – Media


The T-14 Armata tank will be the main feature of the May Victory Day Parade on the Red Square in Moscow. The technical innovations of Armata platfrom make the Russian tank an absolute leader among its Western analogues, a US media agency claims.

Russia’s cutting-edge Armata tank which was previously unveiled during a Victory Day parade rehearsal in Moscow will surpass all Western versions, according to a US media agency.

Before the final rehearsal of the May 9 parade the T-14 tank was shown to the public with its turret masked with fabric. Monday was the first time the Armata was shown uncovered.

The key feature of the new tank is its unmanned remotely-controlled turret, with three crew members seated in an armored capsule at the front of the tank’s hull. The crew controls the tank’s gun remotely.

Such a construction increases the safety of the crew and its firing efficiency. The technical innovations used in designing the Armata make the Russian tank an absolute leader among its Western analogues, AP says.

Engineers designed the Armata platform also to be used for other combat vehicles, including an infantry combat vehicle and a self-propelled gun. The versatility of the platform will contribute to reducing production costs and to facilitating repair and maintenance works.

Currently the Russian Military is undergoing a major-scale re-armament program which is planned to be completed by 2020. According to the plan, the army will receive 2,300 T-14 tanks. However, the program could be hampered by the economic crisis Russia is going through now, AP claimed.

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