Russian Tu-160 Heavy Bomber to Be Invisible to Air Defense


KRET companies are designing engine control and fuel consumption systems as well as a maintenance service which would help the crew in force majeure situations.

On April 29, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the Kazan Aircraft Production Association and ordered to resume production of the Tu-160.
“There is no match to the Tu-160 among supersonic aircraft,” Shoigu said.

The Tu-160 holds 44 world records in flight altitude and operation range. The most recent was set when it made a continuous flight of 18,000 kilometers in 24 hours and 24 minutes.

The Tu-160 is the largest, heaviest and the most powerful supersonic aircraft in military aviation. During modernization, the aircraft will be equipped with advanced communication and navigation systems, new targeting systems and electronic warfare complexes.

Initially, the Tu-160 was designed to carry 12 Kh-55 cruise missiles with thermonuclear warheads. Currently the Tu-160 is rearmed with the cutting-edge Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles with an accuracy of five meters.

Full article: Russian Tu-160 Heavy Bomber to Be Invisible to Air Defense (Sputnik News)

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