Retired US Generals: Americans Too Fat and Unfit to Fight in the Military

A new report issued by a group of retired generals warns that high obesity rates and levels of unfitness among Minnesota’s younger residents has become an issue of national security, and needs to be urgently addressed by the state’s community.

The title of the report says it all – “Too Fat, Frail and Out of Breath to Fight.” According to the findings, about one in three Americans is too overweight to serve in the military. In Minnesota alone, the same applies to about 69% of the state’s young adults.  An additional one in ten of the state’s youth suffer from asthma, which automatically disqualifies them from joining military service.

Contributing to the problem is the fact that 40% of the state’s ninth-graders receive no physical education at all and less than a quarter of high school students get the recommended daily hour of physical activity.

As a result, the report warns, “Long-term military readiness is at risk unless a large-scale change in physical activity and nutrition takes place in America.

The report was released publicly by Mission: Readiness, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization of more than 500 retired generals, admirals, and other senior enlisted military leaders. The group is dedicated to promoting change so as to encourage more young Americans to enlist in the military.

Full article: Retired US Generals: Americans Too Fat and Unfit to Fight in the Military (Sputnik News)

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