EU to Control National Intelligence Services as ‘Revenge on Merkel’

Europol is planning to establish a joint counterterrorism center, which will obtain data of the domestic intelligence services of EU states. The move seems to be an ”act of revenge” against Germany, whose intelligence services carried out espionage activities against the European Commission and France on behalf of the US.

The published security agenda of the EU-Commission stated that member states have the primary responsibility for their internal security, but are unable to guarantee it on their own.

The new initiative implies that the EU will obtain and possess information of national intelligence services, including the German BND, which recently came under fire because of espionage activities on behalf of the US. The new institution is aimed at preventing similar attempts in the future, with all EU member states being obliged to provide the required intelligence data and fully cooperate in the area.

Full article: EU to Control National Intelligence Services as ‘Revenge on Merkel’ (Sputnik News)

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