The Collapse in the Rule of Law – What is Wrong With Government?

The collapse in the rule of law is so vital for sustaining the economy that it is often overlooked. The issue of “Clinton Cash”, combined with the FBI’s new scandal of outright murdering people using false evidence, is indicative of how empires, nations, and city-states die. Hillary knows that no matter what she does, she will NEVER be held accountable. With the outright criminal activity she has engaged in, any one of us would be serving 20 years in prison. These facts are simply true – not a political spin. She is not alone, all those in government, with few exceptions, look upon us as not merely the great unwashed, but outright stupid fools. Those in MSNBC will spin this as just Republicans bashing Hillary. She can do no wrong – EVER. Then you will have FOX taking the opposite view. But between the two extremes lies the sad truth: they can, and do, get away with murder and theft, for ONLY government can criminally prosecute – we have no right to justice.

It certainly appears that we are complacent as a society and as such, we never act until it is too late. Then everything falls apart and we call that revolution. Government is not a fool. Even in Europe, there are military groups forming to deal with protesters, and it appears they are smart enough in Brussels to make sure that they do not use “police” from their own native region. If you have a rebellion in Germany, it is best to have someone from somewhere else to crack skulls. Yet even then, the mentality of the police in Europe is curiously anti-public as we are seeing in the United States. This begs the question – Does history produce the type of people that make conflict on each side at the right time?

Governments everywhere have lost their way. They assume that they are the nation, and forget the sovereign of a nation is the people – not government. The power has gone to their heads and this is the danger that we face on the horizon. How is this going to be resolved? Unfortunately, it appears to be rising tensions into 2017, both on the civil side and when the people turn against their government everywhere, that is when the risk of international war will rise for they will need the distraction to retain power.

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