China’s Newest Missile Set for VJ Day Parade

DF-16s going on a tour

China is quickly upgrading its formidable missile forces to match advances in defense technologies. While existing Chinese forces make use of anti-air and ballistic to deny access around large portions of airspace, ocean and land bordering China, newer missiles will be more effective against elements of America’s Air Sea Battle concept, like stealthy drones, and mobile enemy targets like anti-ship missile launchers.

The DF-16 is larger, as evidenced by its use of a five axis transport erector launch (TEL) vehicle, versus the older missile’s four axle TEL. With an estimated range of around 1,000km and a 5-10 meter accuracy, the DF-16 also flies higher and faster, making it more difficult for missile defense systems to intercept it. The DF-16’s high accuracy, rapid flight time and its large 500kg-1000kg warhead would allow it to target moving enemy targets, such as ships, missile TEL vehicles and leadership convoys.

Full article: China’s Newest Missile Set for VJ Day Parade (Popular Science)

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