Holidaymakers warned to take cash to Greece amid financial collapse fears

The Greek tourist board in London said that while it anticipated no immediate problems, visitors should avoid relying solely on credit cards or local ATMs.

Travellers should take “enough money to cover emergencies and any unexpected delays”, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office states. Travel experts recommended taking around three to five days’ worth of spending money in euros, alongside credit and debit cards.

The Greek economy edged closer to default on Monday when European finance ministers ruled out a “big” bail-out programme in the vein of action taken in 2010 and 2012.

Bob Atkinson, of, pointed to the Cyprus bailout in 2013, when banks limited withdrawals and some shops and restaurants were unable to take card payments.

“If you’re travelling to Greece in the next couple of weeks, keep an eye on the news, check the official travel advice and certainly take a mix of different payment options,” he said.

Full article: Holidaymakers warned to take cash to Greece amid financial collapse fears (The Telegraph)

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