Grinning Putin signs ANTI-UK military pact with ARGENTINA over Falklands

ARGENTINA’S president has praised Russian support for her country’s claim of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, risking a fresh diplomatic spat with the UK.

She said: “We thank Russia for the support it has historically provided in the Malvinas question, in having the resolutions of the United Nations observed so the United Kingdom resolves to sit in the table to dialogue.”

While Mr Putin added: “Russia supports Argentina’s striving for direct talks with Britain to achieve prompt resolution to the Malvinas Islands dispute.”

In a direct challenge to the UK and stability in the region, the Russian president also announced the two countries would be increasing “military collaboration”.

Following extended talks, the two leaders signed a total of twenty new agreements, including on defence.

“The new agreement on military collaboration and data protection will enable the considerable increase of practical cooperation in this field”, Mr Putin said.

The posturing risks tipping the war of words between London and Buenos Aires into full-blown conflict, as tensions heighten over sovereignty of the remote south Atlantic outcrop.

Full article: Grinning Putin signs ANTI-UK military pact with ARGENTINA over Falklands (Express)

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