Voice of America: “Europe and Russia should unite forces”

The Voice of America writes today about the expectations of Russia regarding the upcoming Syrian negotiations. Recent efforts made by the United Nations to resolve the crisis in Syria could lead to success in a united struggle against Islamic State. The fact is that the destabilization of the situation around ISIS is becoming a threat to the global community, and attempts by Syrian factions to join the terrorist organization, can serve as a prerequisite for the West and Russia to seek common solutions to the crisis.

Islamic State, a radical Sunni Muslim organization, holds militias in Syria and Iraq, and remains the most unpredictable force in the world, which threatens the stability of many countries in the Middle East. In order to face the very serious threat from ISIS, Europe and Russia should forget their differences and unite efforts, otherwise the world’s boundaries may change forever.

CNN published an article today about the US dependence on Russian space technologies and it is a threat to its power. Indeed, America’s access to space gives an incredible advantage in the national security, defense and economic well-being of the nation.

Recently, however, the US has been facing an alarming reality – they rely too much on Russian technology, which is an integral part of America’s national security. First of all, this is dependence on the Atlas V rocket, which delivers satellites into orbit. However, since sanctions were imposed against Russia, cooperation in this field has become complicated, and this is certainly not desirable for the United States.

Full article: Voice of America: “Europe and Russia should unite forces” (Vestnik Kavkaza)

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