US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia – Jean-Paul Baquiast

A nuclear strikes exchange between the United States and Russia will lead to the complete destruction of the United States, leaving Russia and China in a far better position, editor of the French portal Europesolidaire Jean-Paul Baquiast said.

The concerns have risen after General Robin Rand was appointed as head of the US Air Force Global Strike Command.

“Chances of the United States to destroy Russia without consequences for itself are small,” Baquiast said.

However, even the highly efficient S-500 missile system, which Russia is currently working on, would be unable to protect the country against a massive launch of ballistic missiles from US submarines, he noted.

In turn, Russia would launch its missiles from its submarines off the coast of the United States. And if the Americans manage to hit only a part of the Russian territory due to its large size, the US will be destroyed completely, the journalist wrote.

Full article: US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia – Jean-Paul Baquiast (Sputnik News)

One response to “US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia – Jean-Paul Baquiast

  1. I had the thought on American submarines holding nuclear missiles and also the so called plane or planes carrying a cargo of nuclear weapons around the clock, I am not a militaristic specialist, but as a outsider we look at war craft and see the folly of militaristic campaigns such as Anzac? ans see the insanity of military leaders who direct their troops with complete insanity at machine guns such as the Turkish defense had, the loss of life could plainly be seen, we see Vietnam with similar consequence of moronic decisions by those who are in command.
    One would presume the Russians would not be tracking American craft holding nuclear cargo? before imminent attack? daily you see the flaws in Western thinking on many world political fronts, as a commentator and not claiming being a specialist as claiming a highly educated background on academic qualifications? it is possible to see the folly of our so called experts who claim advanced insight on world commentaries, daily we know how erroneous these so called expert opinions are, with daily corrections such as we did not think it possible?
    So far the dangerous situation we face for our planet is the resolution and the remedy by fear using propaganda confirming the use of violence, the inferior part of the mind and brain by the controlling elite who are wasting valuable material resources, devoid of vision that excludes the benefit for a holistic outcome for our planet.