Next 9/11 will be caused by hackers, not suicide bombers, cyber expert warns

Greater US-Israel cooperation urgently needed to counter threat of cyberterrorism infiltrating air traffic controls, says Dr. Gabi Siboni

An Israeli cyber expert warned Wednesday that “the next 9/11″ will be carried out by computer hackers infiltrating air traffic controls, rather than suicide bombers.

Col. (res.) Dr. Gabi Siboni said the US and Israel must increase cyber-defense cooperation in preparation of future terror attacks, and said distrust is preventing greater collaboration between the two allies.

“Computer hackers have begun targeting electric and nuclear power plants and other critical operations around the world in audacious and continuous efforts to take control of them,” Siboni, the director of the Cyber Security Program at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies said. Siboni spoke ahead of a bilateral cybersecurity conference, set to take place in Washington, DC later this month.

According to Siboni, in the worst case scenario, terror groups could disrupt and possibly infiltrate critical air control infrastructure, causing deadly accidents and bringing flight systems to a standstill.

Although only developed states currently possess the capabilities needed to carry out such large-scale attacks, Siboni warned this may soon change.

“The next 9/11 will happen without suicide bombers aboard the plane with box-cutters but will occur because of a cyber incident perpetrated by a terror organization,” he said.

Full article: Next 9/11 will be caused by hackers, not suicide bombers, cyber expert warns (The Times of Israel)

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