The Decline & Fall of the United States on Schedule


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong;

I read your essay on the 224 year cycle and the peak in the United States would occur April 22, 2013. That was the start of Obama’s Syrian invasion argument. I must say, I am blown away with the accuracy of your work. I read an article in the newspaper here that highlighted this event as the decline of America as a world power. Can you explain how or why your models are so refined? From that target all you read about now outside the United States is how America is collapsing as a world power on every front from China, Europe, and Russia.


It was on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 that we first heard of the Syrian Chemical Weapon Allegations. Diplomats from both Britain and France reported to the United Nations that there is credible information that the government in Syria had used chemical weapons in its civil war. According to both diplomats, the Syrian government had used chemical weapons multiple times since December 2012. Officials from Israel also said they had evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Obama also said that the use of chemical weapons by Syria’s government could lead to a military response by the United States. The model pinpointed 4 days later, Monday April 22nd. I wrote in that report: “The 2013 target from the inauguration of George Washington on April 30th, 1789, warns that the United States will begin a 72 year downward spiral. ”

The article you have linked that “the end of America as a World Power” from the German press attributes the start of the decline and fall of the United States to this Syrian issue.

The descent of the United States as a world power began in Syria: US President Barack Obama, by his nature anyway rather a procrastinator, had to call off the already planned military strike. The military had refused to follow him to the top of the generals there was a veritable . mutiny The highly indebted country to war could not finance such as the Americans were accustomed twofold: to make quick progress and have very few own losses.”

This was the first War Obama could not sell. The American people were lied to way too many times to start wars. There was no support domestically and the standard lies failed. It marked a change in trend for government and ever since, Obama has failed on every possible front. He told the allies not to join the Chinese effort to undermine the World Bank and IMF – they did. One by one, former allies are turning their back on Obama even on the Russian sanctions. The NSA has been caught and American technology is on the decline with products being banned in China.

From this turn in the model, it is like a Financial Panic. Everything is collapsing so rapidly it is mind-blowing. People are now starting to see that report, 224 Year Cycle of Political Change, as a classic. But as I have said, this was my privilege to discover, not my theory to prove. Trying to figure out why everything functions so precisely is a journey others will continue long after I am gone.

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