Russian Fighter Jet Gives US Recon Airplane “Top Gun”-Style Interception

Over the past year, NATO has flooded the media with over 100 reports of its aircraft intercepting Russian spy and warplanes over neutral territory which supposedly were getting too close to native soil for comfort and in urgent need of an escort. Last week, however, the roles were reversed when a US RC-135U reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted in very close proximity by a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet over the Baltic Sea near Russia’s Kaliningrad Region.

The Pentagon promptly accused the Russian pilot of coming dangerously close to the US aircraft.

“On the morning of April 7th, a U.S. RC-135U flying a routine route in international airspace was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 Flanker in an unsafe and unprofessional manner,” said Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen M. Lainez.

The official reason for the interception was irrelevant, as this was merely a tit-for-countless-tats in which NATO planes had done exactly the same to Russian airplanes also flying over neutral territory.

The head of Russia’s Upper House Committee for Foreign Relations, Konstantin Kosachev, called on to NATO to stop their “hysterics” over flights by the Russian Air Force, “presenting them as aggression and demonizing Russia.”

“In connection with the incident over the Baltic one should keep in mind that Russia is a Baltic country, whereas the US is not,” Kosachev said.

The most important question is just what the US was spying on in the northern part of Russia. So far, no details have been released on the mission of the RC-135, but the aircraft was reportedly in a position to monitor Russian military activities in western Russia and Kaliningrad. As a reminder, it was in the Kaliningrad enclave where Moscow recently decided to deploy Iskander-M nuclear capable tactical quasi-ballistic missile systems.

It is safe to assume that NATO is concerned about Russian nuclear capabilities, now that Russian tactical rockets are in position where they can strike deep inside Poland, whose anti-Russian rhetoric over the past year has been very vocal.

Full article: Russian Fighter Jet Gives US Recon Airplane “Top Gun”-Style Interception (Zero Hedge)

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